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Do you have a family member who can no longer manage his or her money or make decisions about personal or medical care? Is this person becoming a topic of arguments at family gatherings - and no one agrees on anything? Perhaps a Greenville guardianship lawyer can help.
At Temple & Mann, we work with families to set up guardianships for incapacitated adults.

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What Does a Guardian Do?

The guardian decides where your relative will live and provides for his or her care. He or she makes both physical and mental health care decisions. The guardian also presents yearly reports to Greenville County Probate Court regarding the ward's well-being. Adult guardians are appointed through probate court; minor guardians are designated by family court.

What's a Conservatorship?

A conservator is a money manager appointed by a South Carolina court. This person is charged with managing and protecting the property of the incapacitated adult or child. The conservator cannot spend the ward's money without court approval and must provide a periodic report about the assets, receipts and disbursements made from the estate. A conservator has to post a bond to ensure that he or she follows the court's directions. When the incapacitated adult dies, the conservatorship ends and control of the assets goes to the deceased's designated personal representative.

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If you'd like to know more about guardianships or conservatorships or would like to be appointed as a guardian or conservator, contact the office of Temple & Mann. Our probate attorney will be glad to help.