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Are you going through a divorce or trying to retain custody of your child? The attorneys at Temple & Mann understand that family law cases are uniquely stressful and often take a heavy emotional toll on families. From their office in Greenville, South Carolina, they offer compassionate and thorough legal counsel to clients in Greenville County and Pickens County.

Regardless of the circumstances, going through a divorce is never easy. If you and your spouse have children, the divorce process becomes even more complicated. Temple & Mann understands the turmoil and frustration that divorce brings to a family. Whether you're dealing with child support disputes or an uncontested divorce, you can trust its dependable divorce attorneys to guide you through the process.

Reach out to Temple & Mann today to find out what a reputable divorce lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina, can do for you. In these highly personal disputes, you need to rely on an experienced attorney who knows how to defend your rights.

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Temple & Mann can help you navigate a variety of divorce and domestic issues. Separation and divorce are difficult enough. When drawn-out legal battles are fought over time with your child, your finances, and even your home, you need an aggressive advocate on your side. The team at Temple & Mann wants to make this difficult time a little easier by working hard to protect your family's best interests. Discover how they can help you address matters such as:

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Divorce and courtroom proceedings are rarely easy, and without competent legal representation, they are even harder. Make sure you are fully protected by calling Temple & Mann for legal services. The team is ready to stand up for what matters most to you.

Prenuptial Agreements & Divorce

You and your soon-to-be ex signed a prenuptial agreement that specified what belonged to whom and how marital property was to be split in case of a divorce. Now, however, you have children, and they weren't accounted for in the prenup. Is that document still valid? A Greenville family law attorney can tell you.

Prenups on the Rise

Prenuptial agreements have increased significantly in recent years. In a study released in 2013, the America Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that the use of prenuptial agreements increased over the previous three years as the economy and real estate markets improved. The most common items covered were protection of separate property, alimony or spousal maintenance, and division of property. If you are considering signing a prenup, consult with an attorney first. The team at Temple & Mann would be happy to look over your proposed agreement and make sure it's aligned with your best interests.

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If you have questions about prenuptial agreements, child custody or any other area of family law, the attorneys at Temple & Mann would love to meet with you. Call their office in Greenville, South Carolina, today to schedule a consultation of your case.